Career Opportunities:

In additional to a rewarding career; HealthNorth offers an Appreciation Package to caregivers and these extra benefits...

Flexible Hours

HealthNorth, Inc. will accommodate your work schedule. We can schedule around family responsibilities, school, or other employment sources.


Communicating with management and supervisors is important to the health of the organization. HealthNorth has a minimum of monthly contact with every employee.


Evaluations are important to record the performance of every employee. A minimum of yearly evaluations
will be conducted on every employee. Employees will also be encouraged to participate in the minimum of yearly evaluations of management and supervisors.
jay johnsonI have been a quadriplegic since 1989 and I am so thankful for caregivers like you, because without your dedication, loyalty, and caring, people like me would be institutionalized and would rarely have the opportunity to venture into society.I created HealthNorth, Inc. because I have an intimate understanding of your role in my life and the lives of others of us with special needs. So, HealthNorth exists to reward you, because without you, there would be fewer people like me.– Jay A. JohnsonHealthNorth, Inc. Founder/CEO
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