Medical Products

HealthNorth offers an unlimited amount of products to assist you with the care of you and your loved ones. HealthNorth will provide any product that aids to daily living. Contact us with any additional question about your specific care needs. Our Mission is to assist our clients in maintaining a dignified presence within their community.

Accepted Insurance Providers

We accept the following insurance providers; Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Plus, Medica, Medical Assistance/Medicaid, Medicare, Preferred One and UCare.

  • Manual Wheelchairs

    We carry a wide variety of high quality wheelchairs help individuals stay mobile.

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  • Mobility Scooters

    Mobility scooters are specifically designed to give freedom to individuals who are struggling with their mobility.

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  • Power Wheelchairs

    We carry the top brands of Power Wheelchairs, we will help you find your perfect electric wheelchair.

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  • Aids To Daily Living

    Aids to Daily Living help people with functional limitations maintain their independence and freedom.

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  • Bathroom Aids

    Bathroom aids help prevent accidents in the bathroom.

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  • Bedroom Aids

    Bedroom aids help patients feel relaxed and comfortable in their bedroom.

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  • Hospital Beds

    Hospital Beds are motorized beds that adjust the bed’s height and the position.

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  • Lift Chairs

    Lift Chairs help people who have difficulty moving from a seated position to standing due to limited mobility or balance issues.

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  • Mobility Aids

    Mobility Aids give individuals the ability to move around independently and safely.

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  • Patient Lifts

    Patient lifts are designed to help caregivers lift and transfer people. They reduced risk of injury for caregivers.

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  • Incontinence/Urological Supplies

    Incontinence and Urological supplies are products designed to absorb urine or help people who have trouble urinating on their own.

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  • Ostomy Supplies

    Ostomy supplies are used to help urine or stool exit the body. An ostomy can be temporary or permanent.

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HealthNorth offers an unlimited amount of products to assist you with the care of you and your loved ones.