Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

We carry a wide variety of rigid ultralight wheelchairs which optimize performance for an active individual.

  • Ti-Lite – ZR

    Why Titanium?

    Reason No. 1: Titanium absorbs vibration.
    Reason No. 2: Titanium won’t break.
    Reason No. 3: Titanium has the Highest Strength-to-Weight ratio of any metal on Earth.

    The Z’s 1.25″ Mono-Tube frame is 20% lighter than its predecessor but retains titanium’s 44% strength advantage over 700 series aluminum. Bullet caster housing reduces weight and gives the ZR a stylish look.

    – SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with Integrated Bumper.
    – Performance 5-spoke soft roll wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces, 40% lighter than the original 3-spoke wheel.
    – TiShaft back release bar makes folding and unfolding the backrest easy from any angle.

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  • Quickie – Q7

    Unbelievably Light
    The Q7 with rear wheels and wheel locks can be configured as low as 14lbs! This feat is accomplished using 7000 series aluminum and ShapeLoc technology, which together increase overall rigidity without compromising weight.

    ShapeLoc Technology
    Heat Treated aerospace 7000 series aluminum is the key to the Quickie Q7’s remarkably low weight. Using a special post heat-treatment process, ShapeLoc technology unlocks the potential of this traditionally difficult alloy.

    Unparalleled Performance
    To maximize performance, ovalized tubing is used in the frame, axle plate, and caster housing. In addition, new caster setting options for small caster wheels make it possible to place casters further away from the center of gravity, which in turn makes the chair easier to maneuver.

    Unique Style

    With a sleek, ultra modern design, the Quickie W7 lives up to Quickie’s reputation for cutting edge design and style. Over 20 frame colors and 6 hardware colors can be blended into hundreds of possible custom combinations.

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  • KUSCHALL – R33

    Exclusive design that meets many needs
    The kascha/1 R33 is designed for those seeking the utmost in quality and performance, however their needs may differ. The difference lies in the detail. A powerful design for performance leaves a lasting impression and the unique frame construction of the kascha/1 R33 is revolutionary. Both side frames join together in the center of the camber bar, in a disruptive design that gives the wheelchair a sleek and dynamic profile and an exceptionally aesthetic appeal.

    Maximum Shock Absorption, Maximum Drive-ability
    The Low Impact System (L.I.S. ®) is a unique built-in shock absorber only to be found on the kascha/1 R33. Its shock absorbing function delivers a comfortable ride under any conditions. Being a pure kascha/1 invention, this technology has been implemented in the kascha/1 R33 to increase quality of life.

    Integrated Technology
    The kascha/1 R33 aims to improve on the lifestyle our customers pursue, providing them with the perfect tool to express themselves in a diversity of active life. This ultra-light weight wheelchair is built from premium quality aluminium, carbon and titanium, guaranteeing optimum driving performance and stability for users who relish meeting the challenges of life.

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  • Invacare – Crossfire

    There is no better deployment of material technology, engineering ingenuity and performance-minded design in today’s market that the new lInvacare® Top End® Crossfire™ T7A Wheelchair. Why? Four words. Super Light. Super Strong. We have meticulously designed over 20 components on this chair to be optimized for both strength and weight.

    You combine the best of both worlds with the Crossfire™ T7A Wheelchair: a rigid frame for performance and a modular frame for ease of adjustability. The seat frame over performance frame allows the Crossfire™ T7A Wheelchair to harmonize two conflicting Forces™. The first is moderately complex seating which promotes effortless pushing and shoulder, elbow and wrist health. And the second, the performance minded consumer who expects unsurpassed performance every day. Because of the seat-over-performace frame design, clinicians, technicians and users never need to square the front caster nor adjust for toeing errors on the rear wheel.

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